How often to Home Screen widgets update

Apple designed Home Screen widgets to be efficient to ensure your iPhone performance and battery life is maintained. With that Home Screen widgets do not refresh all the time and update at certain periods during the day. Developers set a schedule as to how often a widget should refresh its data but it's ultimately up to your phone when it wants to do this. In Apple's support documentation it details that your iPhone learns from your behaviour and prioritises the apps you use most. See here:

All of ETA's widgets are refreshed when you open the app. We also request that the data should be refreshed every 15 minutes. In the real world, if you use the ETA app frequently, you should expect a widget to update at least 2-3 times an hour. If you don't use the app much at all then you might only see the widgets update a few times a day. Our live tracking update shows a time of when the widget was last updated.

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