How to add Lock Screen Widgets to you iOS 16 device

With the launch of iOS 16, Apple are providing users the ability to add widgets to their Lock Screen. Upon release of iOS ETA has a number of widgets available for users to add. Follow this handy guide if you're not sure how to add and edit your widgets.

  1. Lock your iOS 16 powered iPhone and then tap to wake it up so that the Lock Screen is visible. Tap and hold on the area around the clock, the manage Lock Screen carousel will appear.
  2. From this screen you have a number of options available including swiping to other screens, adding a new screen or assigning a focus mode. For our purposes all we're worried about is adding/editing widgets so press Customise. 
  3. Now you're in customisation mode with a screen showing the areas that you can manage highlighted. Here again you have a few choices, namely editing how the time appears and managing widgets. We're interested in the latter and you can add widgets to either the space above the time (ie. where the date is shown) or the big area below. Let's tap Add Widgets
  4. Here's where the magic happens as up pops the Add Widget panel. Scroll down a little and you'll find ETA 
  5. With ETA you have 3 types of widgets. A Live Tracking widget that focuses on live ETA of one location. A Live List widget that shows travel time to 3 locations or a Calendar widget that shows travel time to upcoming appointments. You can add multiple side by side if you wish. 
  6. You can tap or drag to add widgets to your Lock Screen. Tap the close button when you're finished adding. To delete a widget tap the delete button that is situated on the top left of the widget.
  7. To edit a widget simply tap on it. Each widget has it's own settings including managing location and, depending on the widget, selecting the method of travel. When you're finished editing tap the close button
  8. Once you're happy with your Lock Screen tap Done in the top right.

And that's all there is to it. 😀

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