What are Today View widgets, and how can I access them?

Over the last few iterations of iOS Apple has gone a little widget crazy. iOS 14 welcomed Home Screen widgets and now with iOS 16 we have Lock Screen widgets. But widgets were first welcomed to iOS back in iOS 8 in the Today View.

To access the Today View simply swipe left to right from your first page of apps or from the Lock Screen. On this view you can mix and match both Home Screen widgets and Lock Screen widgets.

ETA's Lock Screen widgets have the advantage that they update immediately on load so you can trust the travel times reported are what is currently experienced on that route. To add Lock Screen widgets do the following

  1. Unlock your phone and head to the first page of apps
  2. Swipe left to right to visit the Today View
  3. Press Edit at the bottom of the page
  4. At the bottom of this page this page an option to Customise will appear, tap that
  5. A new screen will appear listing all the Today View widgets you can add
  6. ETA has two options, an ETA widget that displays your top 5 locations and a ETA Calendar that displays travel time to meetings and appointments
  7. Tap the plus button to add the ones you want
  8. Press done when you've finished

This video found on our @whatsmyeta Twitter takes you through the above in a more visual form 😀

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