Enabling calendar sync to show travel time to meetings and appointments

Arguably one of ETA's most powerful features is its ability to automatically pull travel time to your meetings and appointments in your calendar. ETA's Calendar Sync is available on iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple Car Play.

1. Setup

  • In ETA on iPhone tap the cog top right to enter ETA Settings
  • Select Calendar
  • Turn on the switch at the top to display Calendar Events
  • If you have yet to use Calendar Sync before a prompt wil appear asking you to allow ETA access to your calender. Calendar Sync is built with privacy in mind and your calender information always remains private to you on device. Press Allow to grant ETA access.

2. Select Calendars

  • Tap on Calendars to view the calendars on your phone that ETA has access to.
  • Simply tap on a calendar to toggle if ETA should display travel time to events or not. A tick next to a calendar confirms that ETA will display travel time to any event with a location added.

3. Add Calendar

  • To add a new calendar simply head to your iPhone settings app and down to Calendar
  • Tap on Accounts
  • Tap Add Account to add your new account to your iPhone. make sure you leave the switch on for 'Calendar'
  • Once done, head back to ETA and follow the steps in Step 2 above.

4. Calendar Locations

  • ETA displays events that have a 'Location' field populated. Ensure when you make the meeting/appointment you fill out this field in your calendar app.
  • ETA is a bit of a genius when it comes to finding locations from your calendar events. ETA supports locations added as addresses or place names. It's great to simply add your favourite cafe, hotel or the business name of your appointment and have ETA automatically display travel time.
  • A very nifty feature is adding locations that reference the names of the locations you've added to ETA. So if your calendar entry has the location 'Work', ETA will look for a location in its list for 'Work' and use that to plot travel time.
  • Finally, ETA also supports location aliases. With locations aliases you can link calendar locations such as meeting rooms to your 'Work' ETA location. With this example, when ETA comes across an event with the entered alias it will display travel time to the associated location. It's a simple yet powerful feature! 💪

5. Events not displaying

If you've followed the above steps and your calendar events are not displaying in ETA then the following tips might help

  1. Ensure that you calendar entry has a location added to it. See Step 4 above on tips on how to add locations to you calendar entries.
  2. Alternatively perhaps ETA does not have access to your calender. To check this open ETA, tap the cog top right to view ETA Settings. Tap on Permissions
  3. If you see the Allow option next to Calendar it means that permission is not granted. Tap Allow and your iPhone settings app will open to the ETA permissions screen.
  4. Ensure the switch next to Calendar is turned on

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