How to configure complications to display travel time on my watch face

One of the great features of ETA for Apple Watch is the ability to display travel time and traffic status on the watch face of your Apple Watch. In watch speak, a 'complication' is the ability to add additional information to a watch face. Apple have adopted this terminology and to include ETA information on your watch face you add the ETA 'complication'

To setup your complication you have three steps

1. Add the ETA complication to your watch face

  • On your favourite watch face simply long press
  • Swipe from right to left to navigate to the 'complication' screen
  • Tap on the complication space you'd like to add ETA
  • Choose ETA from the list
  • Tap the Digital Crown to save

2. Configure the ETA primary and secondary complications

  • Open ETA on your Apple Watch and navigate to Settings
  • Tap Watch Face
  • Tap Set Schedule
  • Choose your primary and secondary locations and the time period you wish each to display

A handy feature is that when you're located at one of your locations the other will be displayed. 🎉

3. Customise the data displayed

  • As above open ETA on Apple Watch
  • Tap Watch Face
  • This time, tap Customise Display
  • Choose the type of complication you're looking to customise
  • Add the data that is important to you

PLEASE NOTE - the 'Display Calendar Events' option as depicted in the last screen shot is no longer present. V2.6.0 and above now uses a dedicated calendar complication

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