How to add widgets to your Home Screen

Introduced in iOS 14, Home Screen widgets are a great way to present information from your favourite apps without leaving your Home Screen. ETA provides a number of Home Screen widgets including Commute, Live Tracking, Destination List and Calendar Locations.

Adding Home Screen widgets is a little hidden but once you know it's really easy to master

  1. Swipe to the page on your Home Screen that you want to add widgets
  2. Tap and hold to enter edit mode. Icons will start to wiggle and you'll see a + and Done button at the top
  3. Press the + button in the top left to present the widget picker
  4. From the search box type ETA, then tap ETA in the list
  5. Scroll though the widget options and when you location the ETA widget you want tap Add Widget
  6. Tap Done in the top right to exit edit mode

That's it!

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